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Bag Filter - Stainless Steel
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Bag filter housings - BFOS1/2
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    Type BFOS1 BFOS2
    Inlet / outlet (N1/N2) Bushing Rp 2" I DN50 PN16 I DN80 PN16
    Vent (N3, N4) Bushing Rp 1/4"
    Drain (N5)   Bushing Rp 1/2"
    Diff. pressure (N6, N7)   Bushing Rp 1/4"
    Housing material Stainless steel 1.4301 (304) I 1.4401 (316)
    Support basket material Stainless steel 1.4401 (316)
    Housing gasket FPM (other materials optional)
    Max. operat. pressure 10 bar
    Max. operat. temperature 80°C
    Confirmation DGRL 2014/68/EU I Art.4, §3 (PED)
    Filter bag size 1 2
    Filter bag area 0,25 m2 0,50 m2
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Brief description:
Filter housings of the type BFOS are easy the strict advancement of our proven series ALGS and furthermore and welding constructions surely to be used from stainless steel to the admission of a filter bag of the size 1 or 2. They exist of a vertical, cylindrical container with welded boiler dished head. The upper casted lid is hinged and seals about O-ring. The product entry occurs at the side in the shell, the escape concentric in the lower boiler dished head. The bag sealing occurs about a special down holder who fixes bag with steel ring as well as bag with plastic collar reliably and freely of bypass. Two additional bushings to the connection of a difference pressure manometer as well as adjustable legs belong to the production equipment.