Belt Filter Unit
Beltfilter Unit
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    Type FUHRMATIC 700L I 1000L I SE1000L
    IN/OUT Rp 1 1/2" I Rp 2" or acc. needs
    Drain Rp 1 1/4" I Rp 2" or acc. needs
    Flow rate up to 48 m3/h
    Unit material Stainless steel 1.4301 or steel coated
    Gaskets gasket free 
    Power Supply 400 VAC, 50 Hz 
    Control power 24 VAC, 50 Hz
    Safety class IP65
    Control IEC 204/1
    Belt width 700 mm I 1000 mm
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Brief description:
The FUHRMATIC belt filters have a filter-bed ordered at an angle. By the higher hydrostatic pressure better throughput performances, more effective cake formation and quite a long stand times therefore arise. The filter belt seals up independently and is raised with a windlass at the filter exit on a role again. The filter cake is taken off about a scraper into an on-catch container. The belt transport is carried out via a gear engine and gets controlled by means of swimmer switches. All medium touched parts are manufactured from high-grade steel.

 The Benefits From FUHRMATIC Automatic Belt Filter Units
  Filtration up to particle size of 10 µm
  Flow rate up to 48 m3/h per belt filter unit
  100% efficiency of the filter media
  Wiping of the processed filter media
  Simple removal of the coiled up media
  Media touched materials are made in stainless steel
  Simple cleaning
  Full-automatic filteration process
  Large range of accessories

 Flow rate of FUHRMATIC Automatic Belt Filter Units
  FUHRMATIC 700L  250 l/min. measured with clear water* 
  FUHRMATIC 1000L  400 l/min. measured with clear water*  
  FUHRMATIC SE1000L  700 l/min. measured with clear water*  

 Design Of FUHRMATIC Automatic Belt Filter Units

  The liquid is distributed by the cascade finish box on the filter medium.
  A liquid column which produces the one to the filtration's required
  pressure is built up here. If the liquid column caused by the pollution
  of the filter medium rises, the pushing forward of the filter material is
  activated automatically. The filter cake is pulled out of the liquid and taken
  off about a scraper into the collecting container. The filter medium taken
  advantage of is rolled up separately and can be disposed of easily.

 BELTSKIMMER-Additional Kit For FUHRMATIC Automatic Belt Filter Units
  Application Areas

  The beltskimmer is used everywhere there where not emulsified oils
  and pollution particles are separated from process liquids. He is
  primarily used by cleaning of cooling smearing substances for metal
  processing machines and alkaline degreasing baths. However, he is
  also suitable for cleaning of process liquids at which free oils are on the
  liquid surface, e.g. car-washes.

  The beltskimmer drives an endless oil charge belt. Oil floating up sticks
  to the ribbon, is taken off in the beltskimmer and flows into a storage tank.
  According to the given requirements different ribbon lengths are eligible
  for office.


  ►Compact design
  ►Media temperature in the skimmer up to 90°C possible
  ►Chemical resistance
  ►Simple, smooth installation
  ►Full-automatical operation
  ►Handy, non-complicated transfer and easy cleaning
      by the use of unit door
  ►No bacterium growth in the belt skimmer
  ►Smart handling
  ►High storage tank in seperate reservoir

  Technical Parameter
  Belt length from 600-2000 mm
  max. capacity ca. 5 l/h oil charge
  Power supply: 230 Volt

 MAGNET FILTER-Additional Kit For FUHRMATIC Automatic Belt Filter Units
  Application Areas and Function
  The magnet filter is used for the fully automatic, continuous cleaning of
  liquid media by ferromagnetic substances. The magnet filter consists of
  a high-grade steel case with a magnet roller driven electrically which is
  jacketed with a thin-walled high-grade steel hull. He optionally is from
  arming destitute of high performance magnets with neodymium and can
  be adapted by his modular style to given place conditions individually.
  The floating particles situated in the liquid are conducted past together
  with the liquid at the magnet roller contrary to the direction of rotation.
  Ferromagnetic substances stick and are delivered by means of a touch
  free scraper. An optional support roller at the magnet roller separates
  the liquid from the pollutions.

  ► High effecienzy filtration
  ► Modular adaptable unit
 Low working costs
  ► Low-wear and low-maintenance
  ► High filtration power

  Technical Parameter
  Flow rate from ca. 63 - 1500 l/min